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Learning HPL/OS

This is the place to learn everything about HPL/OS Suite development. Here, you will find any useful information to assist you in getting started with HPL/OS Suite and even more: available hardware platforms, some featured examples of applications based on HPL/OS, tutorials about HPL/OS, examples ready to download. You will get access as well to some basic principles of how HPL/OS is coded. Yes, we are talking here about coding! HPL/OS tutorials center also grants you access to the on-line documentations. And because we want to make your life easy and smooth, all the programing codes, resources, examples and tutorials available in this online center are totally free access.

You are looking for some apps – Nowadays, software is everywhere and not only in computers: smart-phone, set-top-box, home gateway, connected devices, home assistant, cars, musical instruments, drones, etc. All these kinds of equipment don’t have a full PC inside, but different kinds of processor, memory and device specifically sized to the targeted object. To make these things available, we need applications. That’s the reason why on this website, you will find how to program, test and run applications for embedded systems.

You are looking for an OS – Ok, in that case it’s always the same story. You have a wonderful idea of something new, a great idea of something interesting. Perfect! Now let’s transform your great idea into reality. Today, it’s quite easy to find platforms and tools for prototyping. A lot of great and fun environments, with cool code development tools and powerful generic hardware to do test on it. So, your idea can be realized in a very short time and with a limited budget. But what about the software? Ok then, let’s use Linux for tasks managing, other cool stuff for memory management, etc. Things goes pretty easily.

At the end, you will most probably get 90% of the code you are happy with, and for the remaining 10% you may say « ok, I have some issues, but let’s see ». After all, it could be a success on Kickstarter… Congratulation! But most of the time, the 10% of « unpredictable software » appears to be “the” big issue and pain point in your success story. While it could be acceptable for a prototype, this is definitely not acceptable for a serial product. So, what is the main reason for this 10% of «unpredictable code» to stop your selling process and prevent your great idea to switch to an industrial process? Good question and simple answer: You don’t have a robust and efficient operating system on board…

screen toolkit

Our solution – With HPL/OS Suite, we offer you the warranty to master 100% of your code, with the promise that our software solution covers the entire product life cycle, from mock-up to maintenance. To do so, no need to use Linux, no need tons of tools, tons of libraries with at the end of the day the warranty that something is missing and it is not working properly. Embedded systems need a real and complete Operating System. This is exactly what we are offering you! Hence, you will find on this website the resources, documentation and tutorials to experiment your development by yourself. The dream of «cut / paste and it works» is cool for prototyping. But here, we are talking about industrial product, serious business and secure software. The right place to transform for your great idea into reality!



Highly secure by design platform through the provision of an Operating System based on Finite State Machine engine, physical memory separation between I/O and applications, and potential use of proprietary language


End-to-End platform, from deeply and smallest endpoints to the cloud, providing M2M, scalable Edge Computing, ability to share hardware resources and highly optimized for processing parallel heterogenous data sources.


For any device embedding HPL/OS, up to 100x decrease of latency and up to 40x faster than any existing solutions.


For any device embedding HPL/OS, up to 5x decrease in energy consumption and up to 5x decrease in costs of hardware components with increased performance.

What is HPL/OS

Here we are ! HPL/OS is a complete operating system for embedded systems. When you start a project with HPL/OS, no need to think about Windows, MacOS or Linux. On the contrary, you will just have to focus on your hardware, HPL/OS and your application. Life is easy, isn’t it? As a matter of fact, HPL/OS will manage the hardware, devices, drivers, scheduling, memory, services and API for your app. And, on top of that, you will neither have to manage low-level & complex code. Hence, you can just relax and focus all your energy and creativity on your app’s development. HPL/OS is not a micro-kernel or a stand-alone RTOS. HPL/OS is a full operation system, combining at the same time GPOS and RTOS features for embedded systems.


When we say «hardware», we are talking about the targeted electronics components on which you want to run your software. Hence, the OS must be ported to the hardware you decide to use. Right now, we are focused to make available HPL/OS on ST microchip environment like M0, M3, M4 and Pyboard platform. In parallel, HyperPanel Lab is working on the extension of other platform targets compatible with HPL/OS. If you want to develop applications with a specific daughter-board (for prototyping and mass market), no problem! It’s the reason of developing products. For all tutorials / learning HPL/OS experience with Pyboard, we can provide a basic daughter board with LED, buttons, connectors (GPIO, I2C, serial ports, etc.) to learn and experiment. Just ask!


Because software is code, we have to talk and learn about coding. With HPL/OS, you need to write code in C language. No Javascript, no C++. Just ANSI C and that’s enough. Memory cash, object managing, complex task, threading priorities, etc. are managed by the OS. You have access to many API for handling these kinds of services in your app. So you will find in this website some « state of the art » to write performant and secure C code with Hyperpanel OS.


You will find in this tutorial center all resources and documentation you need to learn and code with HPL/OS. Documentation include basic principles, user guide to start and reference manual of all API.


The best way to learn is to practice and to do it by yourself. That’s the reason why we have prepared and downloaded some tutorials to be accessible on line. Tutorials are here to help you understand what is HPL/OS and what you can achieve with this technology. Tutorials include general learning resources about the OS, some training and explanations about the on-line Toolkit, as well as examples of simple app on the Pyboard target. Tutorials give access to explanations, code files, video, and useful resources.

Welcome to a new era for connected devices and enjoy!