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The description of Hyperpanel OS Development Kit based on Pyboard card.

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  • To be registered on, the beta release of Hyperpanel OS
    online toolkit.
  • The Development Kit provided by Hyperpanel Lab.
  • Last release of Hyperpanel OS software for Pyboard.
  • PC linux.

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Software release

hypv9wr58 and higher

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Hyperpanel OS Development Kit casing. This is the casing provided by HyperPanel Lab to experiment HyperPanel OS development on a Pyboard hardware.


Development Kit content. The kit comes with a Pyboard, a daughter board to experiment ASY, GPIO, I2C, infrared, switch, LED, etc.


Remote Control Unit. The daughter board includes an infrared detector ready to use with a RCU.


Serial / USB cable. This cable can be used for serial trace from the daughter board to your Linux PC.


USB cable. This cable is used to power the Olimex interface.  This interface is connected to the Pyboard. The Pyboard is powered via this cable by the Olimex interface.


Olimex USB-OCD interface. This interface is read to use for GDB running on PC linux. The Olimex USB-OCD interface is used for powering the Pyboard, for software uploading and for debugging.


Pyboard, with hardcase and connectors.


Daughter board for the Pyboard, dedicated to software tutorials. Please refer to other tutorials for more information about this daughter board.