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Quick tour of Toolkit – Insider. This is the place for support, questions, reporting, debugging and technical support.

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What is an EFT ?

EFT is the French abbreviation for “Exposé de fait Technique”, in other words problem report. EFT main function is to report, track and follow-up software and hardware anomalies or modifications within a project. Any group users can create, modify and delete their own efts, they can also read and add comments to efts from other users.


Select “New project” and enter following settings:

  • Name : First
  • Plateform : stm32py
  • Version : 190305

Click on “Confirm”.


Creating an EFT

To create an eft click the Create EFT button on the main menu bar. Then fill-up the definition fields.

Field Name Description

  • Project – Select the project name
  • Software – Version Enter the release version
  • Select Function – Select the most appropriate function. Consult your group administrator when a new function is required.
  • Frequency – Select the frequency level or OTHER if the frequency is not relevant
  • Gravity – Select the gravity level
  • Attachment – Attach any files you may feel relevant to the problem report (Crash dump, additional documentation or …). If you want to attach several files, merge them together within a single zip file.
  • Subject – Short EFT title
  • Message – EFT detailed description
  • Associated – Requirements Specification reminder or references.
  • Authorized Groups – Select project groups that are authorized to see the EFT
  • Submit – Post and record the EFT


Modifying an EFT

EFT with the exception of the comments feature can be modifed or deleted by the creator and the HyperPanel administrator only. To modify an eft, display the eft details and click the Edit EFT link. Modify the fields you wish and click Submit. Any EFT deletions is recorded into the Hypsider administration log. Consult the HyperPanel administrator to get any specific records.


Adding and modifying EFT Comment

Any group users can add a comment to an EFT. The Edit EFT link allows to modify the comment if necessary.


About EFT State, Priority and Evolution

EFT State, Priority and Evolution are assigned by the HyperPanel Administrator after consulting project members.

State The EFT states are:

SUBMIT – the EFT is currently under review
OPEN – the EFT is accepted and tracked
CLOSED – the EFT is closed, it is fixed or not considered as an issue anymore
REJECTED – the EFT is a non issue, it is rejected
REOPENED – the EFT is reopened
DUPLICATED – the problem is already explained into an other EFT

Priority Priority are numbered from 0 to 5. 0 being the most urgent EFT to fix, 5 the less urgent.

Evolution The EFT Evolution are:

FUTURE RELEASE – the EFT will be fixed in the upcoming release
CHANGE REQUEST – the EFT is considered as a specification change
SPECIFICATION – the EFT is under specification or requires more specification
UNDER REVIEW – the EFT is under review